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Newbie to the healthcare world [Dec. 12th, 2006|06:18 am]
Because politics matter!


Hi, my name is Jesse. I'm 27 and recently started working as an intake person or "Access to Care" coordinator for a local Community Health Center. Basically, I help people get on Title 19,WIC and other state and federal programs to help under and uninsured patients. It is stressfull at times, but rewarding to help someone navigate and advocate for themselves in ( as you all know) a rather hostile social services world. I cannot even begin to tell you how bad the DSS people treat my clients when they go it alone. Luckily one phone call to me usually stops the harrasment. I plan to stay a year at least before looking torwards Grant-writing/program design type work. Ideally, i'd like to work for a non-prof or agency and implement community action or grassroots social service programs targeting HIV+ or at risk for HIV transmission populations.

Of interest to Connecticut DSS or Health Advocates: our AG has decided to go after some of the top insurance HMO's because of their refusal to disclose their rate practices as well as shady deeming practices. A study also found ( and my patients confirm this) that hospitals regularly delay or deny treatment to patients who are on Medicaid. Patients are often told that they CANNOT be seen because "we don't take medicaid". Other patients have been forced to pay out of pocket or threatened with a lien when they don't "pay up". Both of these practices are illegal yet commonplace. I have considered writing complaint letters to UCONN medical and a few other fascilities including Yale-New Haven asking them to stand by the state health laws.

Anyone else have any similiar Medicaid/Medicare abuse stories?

[User Picture]From: mnemosyne9
2007-01-02 05:43 am (UTC)
I'm a medical sociology grad student, and in my classes we hear lots about the friction between private (esp for-profit) medical institutions of all kinds and medicaid. I eventually hope to work in the field in a way similar to yours (though with more of a research focus, as my MA has a large research component), so I'm always interested to hear about how it is out in the field.

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