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Welcome! [Aug. 16th, 2006|12:15 pm]
Because politics matter!
I sure hope we can share a lot of interesting information here and get some lively discussions going. Please bear with me as I learn the tricks of community moderation--I'm new at this!

The community user pic is of Florence Nightingale: nurse, activist, scientist, and political mover extraordinare. Did you know that she came from a long line of religious and political radicals? Or that she spent the latter part of her life locked in her room, tirelessly campaigning for improved public health conditions in England? You can read a short bio of her here. She is holding a book to remind us to read widely. Flo was lucky--her father believed that women should be educated, and so she recieved a fine education in times when women were thought to be silly and inferior. She could read and speak several languages, and read all the latest scientific journals. I often wonder, "What would Florence do?"

So let's think of her and hope we can be just a fraction as successful as she was. I'll get more going on here just as soon as we have a membership! Thanks for coming by.